Stalis is located on the marvelous North Coast of Crete and is one of the three most visited seaside tourist resorts in the area. Its ancient Greek name comes from the verb ‘stalizo’ which means to rest in the shade. Compared to its two vibrant neighbors, which are Chersonissos and Malia, Stalis is a blissful place where visitors can enjoy in peace and serenity.

When it is time to discover the village and find out its uniqueness, Stalida Beach is the best spot to start from. Stalida provides unique moments to visitors who choose to take a long walk on a 5km seaside vibrant area with plenty of local restaurants, shops and bars. Crete’s dazzling sandy beaches and water sport activities can be enjoyed in the 2km beach, which is stretched along the village, with its crystal-clear shallow water, suitable for all ages.

For those who desire to immerse themselves in new cultures, Agios Ioannis is an opportunity not to be missed. It is a Byzantine Church in Stalis which was built in 1600 and gives its visitors the chance to get to know more about Cretan culture. Furthermore, hiking is a famous activity in Stalis following the path called ‘Bulgarian Path’ which was created in the Second World War and connects Stalis with Mochos village. It is a 5km challenge for hiking and nature lovers.

Heraklion, the capital of Crete, is one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities of the island but also one of Greece’s major urban centers. The city provides a wealth of museums and historical sites, fancy shopping centers and amazing nightlife to entertain and satisfy all the different types of visitors. A quick look at the fine architecture and the numerous neoclassical buildings of the town will definitely capture each visitor’s heart. Meanwhile, the welcoming and pleasant locals are key in ensuring that visitors feel the well-known Cretan hospitality which they take great pride in.

Unique monuments and churches such as Agios Titos and Agios Minas take each visitor’s mind back in the 18th century due to the rich architecture both outside and inside. The Historical Museum and the Natural History Museum of Crete are located within walking distance from the center of Heraklion and are part of the island’s most significant historic elements. Beautiful landscapes and museums can also be found in the suburbs. The Palace of Knossos is the largest of the preserved Minoan palatial centers, its Archeological Museum contains unique treasures of the Minoan Civilization that should definitely be on your checklist. Last but not least, a dive into the magnificent sea world of one of Europe’s largest sea-life centres, the Cretaquarium, is a great idea for some quality family time and memorable experiences with over 2,500 Mediterranean and tropical creatures!
For your daily escapes and memorable daytrips, Crete has many amazing beaches and seascapes located in the approximately 1.000 kilometres of coastline around the island. The western part of Crete hosts some of the most fabulous beaches in Europe known for their crystal-clear water and exotic environment, while on the eastern side of the island, there are two exotic small islands which can be discovered by taking a sea daytrip by excursion boats. An eastern hidden paradise of a protected palm forest beach is also a must-visit destination for travelers who love nature.

In the center of Crete, driving on narrow roads through the mountains and unique Cretan sceneries can end up in impressive heavenly beaches and marvelous small villages. There you can walk around, try local restaurants and cafes and catch up with regional elderly-Cretan residents to find out hidden secrets and hot-spots of our culture.
Stalis Village is right next to Chersonissos which is located 8 kilometers east, while Malia is 3 kilometers west of the village. Regarding the transportation facilities from Stalis Village, the Heraklion International Airport (Nikolaos Kazantzakis) is located only 28.5 kilometers away from I-Resort Beach Hotel and Spa, while the Heraklion Port is 31 kilometers away. Bus stations and mini markets are within walking distance from our hotel.
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