Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality & Environmental Policy

I RESORT BEACH HOTEL & SPA provides high quality hotel services in Stalis, Crete and implements this Quality & Environmental Policy, which has been set by its Management.

The Hotel Management is committed to the implementation of this Policy at all levels of the hotel, by its partners and staff, based on the following guidelines:

  • Absolute compliance with the law during the operation of the hotel
  • Provision of hotel services under:
    1. Axis of strict observance of the agreed terms with its visitors.
    2. Exclusive cooperation with evaluated and approved suppliers / partners.
    3. Advanced software systems and equipment.
    4. Encouraging a climate of perfect cooperation.
    5. Continuous education / training of staff in the latest technological & legislative developments
    6. Evaluation of staff performance.
  • Prevention of pollution, so as not to degrade the environment with:
    1. Avoiding the effects on the environment.
    2. Minimization, proper waste management and recycling / recycling where possible.
    3. Protection of employees.
    4. Efficient use and saving of natural resources (energy, water).
    5. Promotion of ecological supplies.
    6. Cultivating the environmental awareness of the staff.
    7. Consultation and involvement of stakeholders.
  • Communication with all relevant stakeholders and notification of this Policy.
  • Providing all the necessary resources by: 
    1. Use of advanced equipment.
    2. Continuous information, training and awareness of employees.
  • Control of implementation of all processes to ensure the continuous improvement of the Management System according to the standard ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 14001: 2015.

At the same time the company:

  1. Determines its operating framework taking into account the stakeholders, the operating factors of the company.
  2. Identifies & evaluates threats and opportunities in relation to quality management & environmental management.
  3. Sets up threat reduction and opportunity-taking actions, which it reviews in terms of their effectiveness at regular intervals.
  4. Sets individual goals and objectives per process, which are measurable and achievable. These aims and objectives are evaluated annually in terms of their effectiveness and are reviewed if necessary.

This Policy is available to the public.