Environmental Policy Statement

The I Resort Beach Hotel & Spa recognizes potential impacts to the environment associated with the operation of a hotel. In an effort to curtail these effects, our hotel is committed to implementing a policy that involves taking proactive measures to prevent pollution and conserve resources, while also maintaining quality services to our guests. We acknowledge the need for responsible and sustainable environmental management at all levels and will strive to incorporate good environmental practices into all of our decisions and operations.

In pursuit of this venture, we will evaluate all hotel activities and will seek to improve any that adversely affect the environment. We will seek to minimize waste and emissions that result from any such activities, all while conserving resources and improving energy efficiency. To ensure this policy materializes, ideally, it is necessary to encourage a sense of environmental responsibility among all employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and customers; this will be done via multiple training programs and subsequent compliance checks. This process will likewise include public display of information to customers and guests so as to educate them regarding the impact of our activities on the environment, as well as encourage them to assist us in achieving our goals.

We will comply with existing environmental legislation and will collaborate with authorities regarding environmental protection. We will also intend to discover novel methods of ameliorating the state of the environment. Performance will be monitored and reviewed regularly to fuel progress and constant improvement.

To achieve our goals, we aim to continue for:

  • Systematic and continuous Training of our Staff in matters of sustainability and resource management.
  • Sustainable water & energy management practices, awareness of workers and customers, to avoid waste with rational use.
  • Extension of water saving systems to all hotel facilities and placing water saving devices in taps, regulating valves etc.
  • Check for Oil and Water Leaks Replacement of conventional lamps with low consumption lamps.
  • Regular control and maintenance of boiler, air conditioners and refrigerant chambers.
  • Replace air conditioners with modern models and less energy – intensive.
  • Energy-efficient heat pumps for its operational energy needs
  • Regular maintenance and control of equipment for food parts consuming LPG.
  • Collection in special bins and mission to recycling (AFI) & licensed partners.
  • Collection to special culinary oil management containers
  • Use of ecological, biodegradable cleaners, chemical swimming pools and pesticides
  • Use of eco-label products (cleaning products, etc.) and recycled paper.
  • We urge all suppliers for a corresponding overall environmental behavior.
  • Use of ecological soil conditioners.
  • Use of electric bicycles.
  • Wash on demand. We provide our customers with the option to opt out of a daily change of towels and sheets.
  • Supplies of electrical appliances of low energy consumption.
  • Supplies of local products from local producers with a focus on seasonality
  • Follow sustainable and recycling waste management according to the standard of ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, Green Key and Zero Waste

This policy will be revised periodically to ensure its applicability to activities of the hotel and the industry’s evolving standards.

Think Green Live Green

By taking the following actions you contribute in our effort for a sustainable environment:

  • Placing your towels on the floor only when you wish to replace them
  • Notifying us when you need a bed sheets replacement before the scheduled time
  • Using the water in the shower wisely
  • Making sure that before you exit your room, the key card is removed from the special slot to avoid unnecessary energy use
  • Separating your litter in the special waste baskets that are located in different parts of the hotel. We would also like to inform you that at both pool areas and the part of the beach of our hotel, we serve your orders with cups made of recycled paper as the use of glass is forbidden for safety reasons
  • Throwing the used batteries in the special collector located at the reception area



On behalf of the Company,

Michael Gasparis

Managing director

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